Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer, baby, I forgot how much I loved you.

Well, summer, you took a little too long to get here, but man-oh-man am I excited you're here. I'll have you know I prepared quite the list of things we'll be doing together... to begin with:

That's right. Wear a bright orange gown and just dance around on the precarious wing of my personal jet. (This can come true in my summer dreams, s'all good.)

1. Dedicate an entire day to listening to/downloading music, making sure that my summer playlist is just top notch quality.
2. Go swimming in vintage apparel, perhaps with some red lipstick on, ya never know.

3. Somehow become as glamorous as Grace Kelly in her darling white bikini. Somehow.

4. Document my summer with disposable cameras - otherwise I can promise you I will never develop them. And maybe, while I'm at it, finish up some photo albums that are just screaming for attention.

5. Play a friendly match of volleyball/badminton with some friends and the fam, which I vow will not turn into what it usually does... an overly competitive death match.

6. Prepare some home made ice cream. 

7. TUBING. My passion in life. 

8. Visit the beach one day a week. After waiting all year long for it, I can't just go up and pass this beautiful spot for later.

9. Learn the guitar...? Yes. Yes, I will! Learn the guitar.

9. Purchase this piece of property. Honestly, this house was made for the summer. Just saunter out of bed and jump into the pool right outside your window! 

10. Be waken up by the sun, and not my cruel alarm clock which lets out a tireless, shrill ringing bell. Side note, don't you love all of those lovely patterned blankets and sheets and pillows all toppled over one another? So tempting right about now. 

12. Slip away into a whole other time zone with my best friend and her yacht. (Say yacht and you can't help but say it like this... or maybe that's just me. In which case I need help.)

13. Attempt to go fishing again. But not the boring type, the super-jam-packed-intense dock fishing type! You know, where you lower down a hanger wire with some crushed oyster dangling off the edge... I hope you weren't eating, my apologies.

14. Escape to... wherever this beauty of a place is.

15. Act like a tool and skateboard down a street. It's inevitable all of the skateboarders will come out to play during the summer time, so I won't be too out of place.

16. Drift away in an ocean on a calm day like this. Look at this picture, and all stress will simply evaporate away.

Well, folks, I'm glad to be back. This last month just took everything out of me, and there just wasn't any time for cyberspace. But now I have hours and hours of time and my summer is juuust beginning. Perfect. I'm in a really euphoric mood right about now, this is so strange.


ps. I remember looking at this last year. Who adds in "have a wet t-shirt relay race" seriously? Just when you think you understand the world, that gets slipped into a summer to do list for teens. Woow world wow!! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Legitimate Old School

Well you officially can't get any more old school than this, can you? Even when seen up close, there is no piece of detailing that could betray its look of total authenticity. It honestly looks as if it was just a book you happened to choose out of an ancient, secret library hidden within a castle somewhere in the rolling hills of the English countryside... and then the innocent peasant come across this "zipper" and is instantly perplexed... after half an hour of figuring the zipper out, they open the book only to see the MacBook, gloriously shining and sleek in its silver facade... but this peasant couldn't figure out a zipper so figuring out a computer is hopeless. Anyway, us modern folk can appreciate what this book holds inside. 

Some things you should know about this BookBook:
1. Hardback cover with a "velvety soft, padded interior" and when closed is "nestled between two tough, rigid leather hardback covers for a solid level of impact absorbing protection"

2. Absolutely one of a kind, each "brought to life with hand craftsmanship and distressing".

3. Super stealthy. It's so authentic that even if it's "sitting on a coffee table, dorm room or desk, BookBook looks like a vintage piece of literature, not an expensive laptop."

Enough said. 


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little People

Alright, I have approximately six minutes to express in words how much inspiration/nostalgia/love I feel for this photo, all wrapped up in one little ball of happiness. GO!

First you should know just how much of my childhood was filled with a fascination of little things. To me, anything that was a size meant to be handled by faeries was just the most curious and intriguing and wonderful type of thing I could think of. This love of faeries I got from my mum, instilled in me since I was oh, about four and she would bring out picture books of various winged creatures, all of whom had these beautiful, long locks of wispy hair and mischievous looking pointed ears. Now, as an almighty, matured human being who couldn't possibly believe in faeries because that would just be foolish (lies), I have transferred this love of the dainty and whimsical lifestyle of faeries into aspects of interior design and architecture. Loving the seamless look of glass combined with luxurious antiques, and little models like this one.

The Californian retro vibe of this model, infusing two different decades together - the 50's and the 80's - is so damn cool, and it's the one of the first times in a long time I've seen little people that aren't meant to be faeries to be so intriguing.


...k, I'm done. Back to chem and physics (save me, please).